Art Docent Program

Being an art docent is a special kind of volunteer commitment... 

It is our chance to get to tie together art, culture, history and architecture in a way that is fun and creative. It is not a lesson in how to make the perfect brushstroke, draw the perfect line or build the perfect model. It is a classroom lesson that, for some children, is a chance to really succeed at something where they don’t have to be “in the box” thinkers.

Art Docents work on a simple format — present a work of art, a culturally significant piece of craft, a certain type of architecture and let the kids explore their own point of view while teaching them a little bit of background about the work; time period, artistic movement, method, historic significance. Then, have fun creating something that reflects the lesson, be it an art project, a poem or a bit of theater. No prior art experience or background is necessary! All that is needed is a love of the arts and creative thinking and a desire to get into the classroom and work with the kids.

Looking at visual art with children can be a a fun way to stimulate their creativity and imagination, but it also lays a foundation for critical thinking, which art docents try to support and motivate. Exploring why and how artists create opens a child's eyes to new possibilities for self expression, it encourages them to take risks and experience wonderment and awe

Art docent volunteers also grow. Since we all see art in different ways, looking and talking about art with a child allows you to not only see the world through their eyes but it also opens up our own ways of seeing.


The Art Docent Program co-chairs have had great success dividing the work across the school year, month by month. Parents who cannot commit to the whole year or to being a "lead" can come into a classroom with one of many pre-designed lessons. Everyone will be enriched by this experience and it can be only a 1-2 hour commitment on the day of the lesson.

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The Art Docent Program’s annual budget is entirely funded by the Wedgwood PTA, covering materials docent volunteers bring into the classroom as well as books and other supplemental materials. PTA funding is also responsible for the purchase of our library of art prints.

The Junior League of Seattle's Northwest Art Collection, which displays at Wedgwood for a full five weeks, is directly funded by the PTA. Thanks to this show, our Wedgwood students have access to amazing pieces by local artists, including Dale Chihuly.