The Wedgwood Yearbook needs your help!

This year, parents can upload images of your kids and their friends directly to the yearbook portal to be considered for inclusion in the 2018-19 book. We're looking for candid shots of kids having fun, learning, and growing at Wedgwood and at any Wedgwood-related activity this year. The theme of this year's book is "Making a Splash at Wedgwood," so photos of students playing in the rain, under a rainbow (!) or weathering the storm earn bonus points. Follow the instructions below to upload photos.

Extra credit if you tag the kids in each image (list them separated by commas) and indicate the class (by teacher name not room number) or event (such as Move-a-Thon, winter concert, cultural festival, etc).

Email Lori Kelley at WedgwoodYearbookSea@gmail.com with questions or concerns.

Photo Upload Instructions:

  1. Visit Pictavo Community at commpe.pictavo.com

  2. Click or tap ‘Create an Account’

  3. Find your school

  4. Enter information

  5. Verify e-mail and login

  6. Click or tap ‘Upload Photos’

  7. Select the images for upload

  8. Tag your photos

  9. Choose an album

  10. Add date information (if you want)

  11. Click or tap ‘Upload Photos’

CONGRATS! The memories you shared may just end up in our yearbook! :-D