How to get reimbursed for your PTA expenses

Getting reimbursed for your PTA-related expenses is easy!

  • Before you spend, be sure to speak with your Volunteer Lead to understand the available budget

  • Save all original receipts

  • Carefully fill out the Request for Reimbursement Form; Download and print or grab a pre-printed form from inside the admin office(*)

  • Submit receipts and reimbursement form to the PTA treasury:

(*) There is a (literal) milk crate in the admin office (where the art supply is)… this is the Treasury File Box. In that box are folders labeled “Request for Reimbursement Forms” and "Completed Reimbursement Forms".  Grab a form, fill it out, staple your physical receipt, and then place it into the "completed..." folder.  

Reimbursements generally turn around in 2-3 weeks.

Thank you for your Mighty VOlunteer support!!