Mighty Volunteer Leads


These Mighty Parents are helping make the magic happen at Wedgwood, but… they need your help!

Each year over 200 family members donate their time and expertise to lead and/or support our amazing calendar of events and year-round activities. If you are interested in working on a particular project, or simply discuss our openings and/or your availability, we’re here to help!

If you would like to connect with any of the leads below, or discuss your interest in volunteering, please contact:

:: Chantel Anderston, Events & Volunteer Coordinator — marmotptaevents@gmail.com

Current Volunteer Leads

Open Positions in 2019

Coming Soon!


Back to School BBQ

September | Tara Carey, Kim Vandervort & Joanne Paegle

Pledge Drive

Fall | Sara & Andy Hoofnagle


October | Jane Moody

Family Directory

Fall | Emilie Wicker

Drama/School Musical

Oct.-April | Ms. Waltzer, Vocal Music Teacher & Volunteer Board

School Pictures

October (Make-up Picture Day in Nov.) | Lori Kelly


November | Keilee Kramer & Lillian Kiel

Fall Dance

November | Nancy Blackham & Shidan Greene

Cultural Festival

February | Kris Van Houten

Spring Auction

March | Lisa West


Spring | Lori Kelly

Used Book Sale

April | Emilie Wicker

Staff Appreciation Week | May


STEM Night

May | Helen Chu

Talent Show

May | Ms. Waltzer, Vocal Music Teacher & Community


June | Jenny Miller

Field Day

June | Christina Ellis

(to work with Mrs. Jansen-Becker, PE Teacher)

5th Grade Promotion | June


(usually 4th grade parent)

Art Docent

Monthly | Annick Rooney & Darcy Nestorovic

Family Partners

Year Round | Riki Stevens

Family Scholarships Coordinator

Year Round | Kris Van Houten

Food Drive

Year Round | Yoko Shimomura

Garden Docent & Maintenance

Year Round | Chris Allen

Mighty Movers

Year Round | Roshni Hourselt

Professional Sports Outings

Year Round | Justin Day

Reader Board

Year Round | Anna Henderson & Annie Shic

Recess Science | Year Round


Room Parents

Year Round | Sue Lee

Spirit Gear Sales

Year Round | Nicki Sakata

Wedgwood PTA Weekly

Year Round | Elisa Murray

District Website Coordinator

Year Round | Andrew Russell